5 Reasons - Why Alpaca Wool products are the BEST gift this holiday season!

Bianca Faidutti









Wondering how you'll make it through the long winter ahead? The answer is with an alpaca wool product! Whether it's a cozy queen size blanket on your bed; a poncho for around the house or a blanket scarf to wrap around your neck; we've got you covered! Here's why.

Reason #1: Alpaca wool is considered a luxury fiber; it is excellent quality and is quite rare in garments due to its high price. This in return increases the price of the overall garment as well. The key to us being able to provide affordable prices to our customers is that our products are alpaca wool blends. This includes a blend of Acrylic and Alpaca Wool. Garments that are 100% alpaca are sold for as much as $1000. Our blends still contain enough alpaca wool for you to reap the benefits which will be discussed in the following list of reasons.

Reason #2: It's 100% natural; it's shaved off Alpaca's annually like sheep wool so it doesn't harm them and it doesn't need to be treated since it doesn't have lanolin oils like sheep wool does. Due to this, no harsh chemicals are used and this makes it hypoallergenic.

Reason #3: It will last years with proper care and can be passed down generations. These products are made by skilled artisans and made to last! 

Reason #4: Unbelievably warm, resilient and water repellant! Need we say more?

Reason #5: They are incredibly soft and these unique designs will make you stand out from the crowd!

This being said; give the perfect gift of warmth this holiday season by getting an alpaca wool product today; for yourself or a loved one at